ARDELL BEAUTY First Impressions


I have been a fan of Ardell Lashes for as long as I can actually remember. The brand has been my go-to for lashes for all of my beauty life and career. I remember a few years ago at a beauty convention when I stopped by their booth to see that they were expanding to color, and they started first with eyebrows. ARDELL

I had a few of the brow products sent to me, and it was love at first use. As you know I've been a longtime Maybelline Brow Drama fan, and Ardell was the first line that I had tried that competed with Maybelline, and one that I will actually use. It's great for people that need to build up their brows with thickness, and they gel actually stays put as well. (Oh, and the tones of the colors are spot on too.....) Anyways, what I could see when I started using their actual makeup, is that this line was definitely created by working makeup artists.


You can always tell because the products perform better, the colors are better, and it's stuff that you would actually use. No gimmicks.


Back to the brow for a minute, their feathered eyebrow pen is also everything. It's the easiest way to create real looking, fuller, natural brows. The tip of the pen is so fine that it literally creates hair-like strokes. (Refer to the video to see it in action...)

So with this video, I literally unboxed all the new color with you guys!  I hadn't touched or gone through it previous (except for a few products that I had a sneak preview on months ago...) so what you are seeing is the real process of how I look at new makeup.


I honestly have to say that Ardell nailed it, I was excited about 85% of what was in this launch.  They didn't over do it, they did the best of everything, and no fluff around it.

I love the palettes they created (I'm such a palette girl) and I still cannot believe they created so many lip markers!!!!!!!! I live for a good lip stain and I've never seen that many color options.


So this is a new type of video that I'm providing for you guys, so let me know what you think!  Do you like having the inside scoop of new products, and getting my professional opinion on how I think it feels and my feedback on it?  Let me know, because I want to create content that will be informative, helpful, and useful for you!  Xx