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Miss Allie has such beautiful skin all on her own, and it’s my job as a makeup artist to enhance it and make it just a little bit better. Here’s how to do it. With freckles, I never want to get rid of them, so you have to treat your foundation application a little differently. Sometimes I won’t even use foundation, I might just do a great moisturizer and conceal where needed. In this case, I use Armani’s Maestro Foundation because it is really light-weight, and gives a great glow to the skin. If I want to bring back a little bit more freckles, I like to use eyebrow pencils or pens to add to existing freckles. I used spot concealing as needed under the eyes and on any imperfections, and then created amazing glow using Kosas Cheek and Glow combo. As you know, I am completely into enhancing natural looking brows, and I love the finish of full brow without a uniform look. Links to all of the products below! X

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