I've got something exciting to show you guys!  My friends over at Byrdie have curated the most amazing beauty bags.  It was chosen by their beauty editors, as they are constantly testing a lot of products daily, just like myself. They have two bags, one that is hair and makeup focused, and on that is skincare focused.  I have gone through both, and they are incredible.  In my photos here I am showing you my skincare bag, but in the video we are revealing products from the hair and makeup bag.  Side note: the actual bag itself that it comes in is by Pop and Suki, and they are SO cute and really nice.  I am using mine now as my new makeup case.


I am obsessed with everything in the bag, with my two favorites being the volumizing spray from Christophe Robin and lip crayon from Honest Beauty (you'll see what I mean after we use them....)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and I have a little present for you guys too!  20% off if you use the code: BLPS20!  You can go here to get yours: