Cheek & Lip Tint LOVE


Hello, hello! I found another lip and cheek tint of my dreams.... storiesblush

& Other Stories has a perfect formula.  It's easy to glide onto the skin, but blends and diffuses perfectly. The formula is key for any cream related cheek products.  If it's not the right formula, it may end up looking a bit clown-like, which is never ideal.  This product gives a buildable, seamless finish everytime.  I love the color options, and I love the control you have with it.  If you want a nice sheer tone, just apply a little to the apples of your cheeks and either blend with your fingers, or a dry blush brush.  If you want more, just start with more on your finger, or better yet, repeat step one a second time so you can build up the amount of product and color you have on your cheeks.


These tints also are great lip colors.  What's better than having the diffused tone on your cheeks, followed by a more punchy version on your lips.  By now you know I am a fan of applying lip products with my fingers, so do just that, swiping your finger a little out of the lines of your lips to give the illusion of ultimate fullness.


These cheek and lip tints are sure to deliver some happiness, as I may suggest you try to give your cheeks a little bit of pop as we finish up these colder winter months! X