Curling Iron Waves: SUMMER Edition


I don't know about you, but the summer heat has had me pulling my hair back a lot! Los Angeles is not always well equipped for such high temperatures. I know that my 1929 Spanish apartment certainly feels the heat, and my little wall A/C units don't always cut it.


I just recently re-discovered my smaller sized curing iron that I have not used or thought about in a hot minute. What it taught me was that even with longer hair, you can still use a smaller curling iron which keeps your waves lasting longer.


What it gives you are more days with your waves, even in the hot, humid temperatures.  The problem I was running into recently is that my hair was falling out or falling flat too quickly, so starting with a smaller barrel size has really fixed that issue for me.

You'll get an extra day out of your hair, or perhaps depending on your humidity level where you are just back to normal hair (as if you were using a slightly bigger barrel). I jump between a 1" being the smallest, up to a 1 1/2".


I hope you enjoy this video where you can see how simple putting perfect waves into your hair can be, along with a few little added tips for volume and texture.  I hope you enjoy, and leave me a comment with any questions you have!