How to deal with Post-Gym Sweaty Hair!


You guys have been asking me for another hair tutorial, and HERE IT IS! I am excited to teach you guys how to deal with hair post gym- post sweat- or really just taming messy hair. gymhair8

As you know, I am a big workout girl, and I try to get in a sweat session everyday.  For me a workout isn't necessarily for the esthetic results from doing it, but more for the inner release and cleanse I get from exerting energy and raising my heart rate.  I feel so much better once I get out of the gym or a class, and it makes me feel balanced in my busy life.


If we could come up with a downfall of working out I guess it would be that you have to tend to your hair more often.  I, of course, have come up with ways to make short cuts to style my hair with ease after it's been in a sweaty ponytail.  I actually think that my hair looks better after I have been to the gym and styled it (as opposed to freshly washed hair) so sometimes I will wash it before I go do a workout!


I like the texture that I get from my own sweat, I like to think of it as my own personal sea salt spray!  I do wash my hair a little bit more often if I'm working out a lot.  I can usually wear it down for two days, and on the third day can pull it up in some cute way to avoid having to wash it.


The other key to styling your wavy hair is in the product choice.  As you can see in this video I have a handful of products that I like to choose from.  The recipe is usually finding something to work for the roots, and something that will work for the ends.


I have a variety because everyday it feels a little bit different.  Sometimes I need to absorb oil at the root, and sometimes I just need to add texture at the root.  Sometimes my ends are really dry and need some weight added in, and sometimes they are looking really cute and just need a little light touch of nourishment.

With that being said, I am not saying you have to have 75 hair products, I just want to educate you so that you know your options.  Notice with a lot of the ones I am showing in the video that I have mini sizes, because I like to switch it up and use different types, so I buy them smaller so that I am basically getting two different types of products for the price of one.  Make sense?


I do believe that the products you use to finish your hair are very important, and pay attention to the beginning of the video when I explain how to wear you hair to and from the gym as well.  That detail will also set you up for success.


Anyways, I hope you enjoy this latest hair video.  As you can see, I'm letting my hair continue to grow.....I have this idea that I want to have my hair SUPER long and full......let's see!  Will probably take me at least another year to get it to where I am visualizing it in my head so who knows!  Let me know if you have any other questions, or feel free to share in the comments what products or techniques are working for you!  Xx

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