DIOR BACKSTAGE Collection Palettes

Here are some images from the look I created a few weeks ago for the launch of the new Dior Backstage Collection palettes. They are all to die for, and really multi-use. I find myself using these palettes personally almost everyday! 

I find myself using these palettes personally almost everyday... especially the Dior Backstage Lip Palette and the Contour Palette, and recently have been taking them with me for house-calls or on set.  I created a look on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and I'll share the details very soon. You might have already seen a sneak peek on my Instagram or on Rose Inc., but I will break it down for you even more.

In these images, I created both my eye and cheek using the Contour Palette, and it just goes to show how simple but effective makeup can be.  Also, if you compare the images of myself, you can see how different lighting affects the way makeup is perceived or photographed.  This always keeps me on my toes as a professional because what you create doesn’t always read the same.... depending on what type of light and camera. It is always something to consider when doing your own makeup as well. When and where you’ll be wearing it......if I am going to a night event, I will do my makeup in lower lighting because that is how I will be seen, or if I know I am going to get a red carpet photo, I may test my makeup with a flash photo beforehand.  I do the same for the clients that I work with, so we are always one step ahead.   I highly recommend these palettes if you haven't tried, they are an honest go-to that I reach for daily, and I know with all the makeup I'm constantly surrounded by, if it's a continuous use for myself, than it must be worth talking about!