Dove Shower Foam


Talking all things beauty, I don’t want to neglect talking about beauty for the entire body, and that starts with what we are using in the shower. dovefoam8

I have been a longtime fan of Dove, and have used it ever since I can remember.  The Beauty Bar was what my mother always had for us growing up, so it has been a brand that I have always trusted and relied on for more years than I can remember.


I have tried most products from Dove, including various body washes and Beauty Bars, and now am excited to partner with Dove to share my latest discovery: the new Dove Shower Foam.

The past few years I have been a major fan of foam hand soaps, so was thrilled to see that Dove came out with one as a body wash!  It’s the first foaming body wash from Dove, and it has such a soft, airy lather to it.


Sometimes I can be in a rush and neglect to moisturize my body after the shower, so it’s helpful to have something that can moisturize in the shower.  It has what they call NutriumMoisture, which is a unique blend of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.  It penetrates moisture deep into the skin (10 layers deep) to help maintain hydration.  It also has Sodium Glycerinate and Sodium Laurel Glutamate which are mild cleansers primarily used in premium face products.

It comes in 4 different variations, but my personal favorite is the Deep Moisture formula.  There is also Sensitive Skin, Cucumber & Green Tea Scent, and Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla.


Now let’s talk about the FOAM!  It dispenses easily out of the pump, and I’ve found as I’m using it that it foams and lathers even more as I’m rubbing it into my skin.  It’s really soft and airy, and I can feel that I’m moisturizing my skin as I’m using it.  It doesn’t feel harsh or heavy like other cleansers.  Even after I rinse I feel like my skin is really soft, supple, and hydrated.


I love the simplicity of the packaging, and I feel like it looks great in the shower.  I also love using it for shaving my legs because the texture is so smooth and creamy.  My legs look and feel great after I use it to shave, which is also an added bonus to a body wash!

This has definitely been a new favorite of mine for my shower routine, and I would highly recommend you giving it a go for yourself as well.  Your skin will thank you for it! Xx