Some of the best hairstyles happen when you aren't trying.

More times than not, I'm pushing it with my hair.  Meaning I probably have been to the gym 2-3 times before I wash it.  Depending on what day or how many times I've worked out since my last washing determines what happens with my hair.  My tried and true is my two bobby pin trick.  Don't think, grab your hair, and throw it up (just like you do when you are at home cleaning the house or doing your makeup).  Usually when you don't care and you're not trying, the cuter your hair looks.


You feel me?  I've learned this from my mistakes.  Meaning: I'll throw my hair up in the morning when I wake up to get it out of my face, or I have it back while I'm cleaning or working out.  I think to myself: "Oh  that looks cute, you should wear it up today!"  Then I immediately take it down to actually "fix it" since I decided that I was going to wear it up, and it NEVER looks as cute as the first time I did it when I wasn't consciously trying.

Now I try to recover the looks of it up and just add in a few more pins or a little bit of spray, but I don't take it down to officially put it up unless it's 100% necessary.


I say this is a two bobby pin trick because it doesn't take much to hold your hair up when you twist it like I did in this video: it kind of contains itself.  BUT that doesn't mean you only have to use two bobby pins.  If you need 10, no judgment use however many you need to hold your hair.  You have to realize that I've gotten pretty good at my hair over the years, so you could say I have a masters degree in knowing my hair and being able to manage it.  (It also has probably come from desperation where I've literally figured out how to pull it up without any bobby pins too!)


I have been playing with metallic bobby pins and cute hair accessories, and think its a fun way to shine up a simple little twist or bun.  So as you can see, I added some for decoration, just like ornaments on a Christmas tree!


Notice at the end of the video I also pull on the sides of my hair and the top after its already secured.  That's to create a little volume and texture.  I also rub at my roots to give a fuzzy texture.  Perfect is overrated....


PERFECT IS OVERRATED!  Moral of the story: have fun, let loose, don't overthink it, decorate your hair like the shiny little star you are, and have fun!  Sending my love this lovely Monday morning!  XO