Making WAVES with a FLAT IRON


In predictable Aries form, I recently decided I needed to cut my hair. And within an hour I was in my bathroom, scissors in hand, chopping away at it. I decided it was too long, and felt a little bit too “undone” for my mood, so wanted to bring up the length. (I was proud of myself for at least considering it for an hour before making the move with the scissors.) Before you get too concerned with me doing an at home haircut, remember I used to work in a salon for about 10 years, so doing it myself is usually much easier than having someone else do it. I know what I want, and purposely wanted it to feel quite blunt, one length, and without any layers or texture put into it. I knew I would be creating texture with the way I would style it. Cut to this tutorial you are about to watch with how to make waves using a flat iron!


Using a flat iron creates waves that look the most like a natural wave. I have very smooth, straight hair, so I need to use the flat iron to make it look like I have “I just woke up like this” wavy hair. If you have naturally frizzy or textured hair, using this technique is also amazing for smoothing out the hair while creating the wavy texture. As you will watch in the video the technique is pretty simple. It just takes some practice with your wrist movements.


I used a wireless flat iron in this video, but I also love and use the Babyliss Pro and GHD flat irons. I would suggest not using a flat iron with plates bigger than 1”, as it doesn’t make as much of a bend and you don’t get the same result as you do with a smaller plated flat iron. Depending on the health of your hair, will depend on the temperature you should use for the heat settings. I do think you can have it turned up a little higher because you are constantly moving the flat iron and never holding it on the hair. I hope this video gives you new inspo and a new technique that you can try….it’s been really fun switching it up!