Head & Shoulders Instant Relief Shampoo


You know I like to talk ALL things beauty, so I want to talk about something today that sometimes doesn't sound as glamorous, but is very important.  Scalp health.  A healthy scalp is key.  Many people deal with this problem, but are too afraid to address it.  Not here, I want to tell you what works to address this issue: Head & Shoulders. headandshoulders13

Why is it so important to have a healthy scalp?  It’s pretty simple actually when you think about it.  A healthy scalp is the foundation, and from there is where healthy hair is developed. You need a healthy scalp to grow healthy, shiny hair.  I believe my attention to my scalp and caring for it is a big reason why I can also grow my hair quickly, and maintain a lot of shine.


I've found that this time of year is when I notice more dryness and irritation on my scalp personally, and also on some of my clients. Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with this problem.  The solution is simple!  I started to add Head & Shoulders Instant Relief Shampoo to my shower routine, and the flakes are gone!  What I also enjoy about this product specifically is that it provides and instant, cooling relief to the scalp.  The results are shiny, healthy, flake free hair.


All Head & Shoulders products contain the active ingredient pyrithione zinc, which has been proven in hundreds of clinical trials to get rid of dandruff when used regularly.  It will tackle any itchiness, and leave the scalp 100% flake free!


Another thing you can be doing for optimum scalp health is BRUSHING YOUR HAIR!  For most women, we dream of luxurious, shiny, healthy, and (majority) long hair.  What’s one thing you can do for your hair that is absolutely free?  Stimulate your scalp.  Any time you create stimulation at the scalp, you increase circulation, and circulation promotes growth.


In between shampoos it is also essential to stimulate your scalp.  It will help distribute the oils and/or build up that accumulates on the scalp.  So grab your brush, grab your sweetie’s hands, or bribe your kids into doing the task- but let's not ignore our scalps any longer!  (Side note- it also feels really good….!)

I have found myself constantly on Amazon these days with how busy my schedule is, so here is a link where it's the easiest to shop, and delivered straight to your door!  Cheers to those healthy scalps! Xx

This post was sponsored by Head & Shoulders.  All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Head & Shoulders. The opinions and text are all mine.