The glitz and the glam........the Holiday's are here!  As I'm prepping to get on an airplane to join my family for a much needed trip home for Thanksgiving, I wanted to leave you some inspo for quick, easy holiday eye looks.  I recently got a package in the mail from Pur Cosmetics, and these glitter eyeshadows stood out of the bunch.  It could be my forever obsession with glitter that started from a very young age that I've never gotten rid of....  What can I say?  My mom is still finding glitter around the house from my childhood!

What I like about these looks are that they are SO EASY.  You know me by now, I don't want to complicate things......I just don't have time for that, and I'm sure you don't either!  I did want to do something that stands out, and I think these glitter eye looks do just the trick!


Honestly it was another Nikki Method, which involves using my fingers to blur and blend it all in.  You are welcome to use brushes, but I think the fingertips help push the glitter around, and we want this look to be diffused at the edges.  I don't know if brushes have the power to move the glitter around like fingertips do.  Also side note: the glitter dries down, so you want to start moving and blending it before it dries, so do that immediately.


I did end up using a dry q-tip on the last look which was the red eyeshadow because I wanted to soften the edges, and the cotton from the q-tip was able to diffuse it really well.  So that is an option for your blending as well!  You'll notice on the red eye I ended up using some of the glitter for my lips as well, which was kind of cool.  It made this nice monochromatic red look.


I know you are going to ask me what I used on my lips, and I'm sitting here racking my brain because I have so many lipsticks laying around the house and I probably grabbed one and slapped it on my lips.  My bad, next time I'll take better notes.


I used It Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Foundation, (which I'm loving right now) and the NARS Holiday Cheek Palette.  Brows are always my Maybelline Brow Drama, and mascara is Marc Beauty Velvet Noir Mascara.  I love that mascara because it really makes the lashes va-va-VOOM!


As you can see, the glitter starts from day and moves into night, but you can wear any of these colors day or's all up to you!  I actually wiped off most of the red after filming, but had remnants left over on my eyes and went to the grocery store.  I cannot tell you how many compliments I got from strangers!  Glitter is a thing you guys, I get SO many compliments every time I wear glitter.  Give it a try!


Anyways, I hope you enjoy this quick little video, and also dare to GLITTER and GLOW this holiday season!  There are so many parties to get into and dinners, drinks, and dancing, so let that shine from within come on out!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  XOXO