Hotel Mini Facials & Go-To SKINCARE


Hello my darlings!  Currently writing you from my hotel room in New York City, I arrived here late last  night from London.  I had an incredible time in London, spending my trip with a beautiful group from Armani Beauty.  I was invited out to celebrate the launch of a new foundation called Face Fabric.  If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see some sneak previews of the product, as well as my London adventures, and if you don't, YOU SHOULD!  That's where you can keep up on the day to day, as well as A LOT more beauty tips than I'm able to provide on this blog.  It's easy when its in "real time"!  Anyways, details about the Face Fabric coming very soon.....!

Since I knew I was going to be on the road for so long between both cities, I wanted to make sure that I felt at home with all of my usual products and routines.  Especially since I was working with a new foundation, I wanted to make sure my skin was on point.


As you know, skincare has become a true priority and obsession of mine, and come to find out, also is a major priority for most people that follow me as well.  My goal is to not HAVE to wear foundation or any makeup for that matter, so the better the canvas, the less makeup I have to wear.  Of course, I love beauty so I'm never going to go all Alicia Keys, but how fun is it when it's by choice and not by necessity.


I've just accepted the fact that I pack a lot.  I know that's not realistic for all, but when you work in beauty and also have the pressures of staying fresh and on point, you make it a priority.  I decided to film a video from my first morning in London from my bathroom of my skincare routine.


This is a different style video for me because literally there is no natural light, and its a bit on the fly, but the point is to show you my little in hotel room facial, and all of the skincare I packed and how and why.  I sat on this video for a minute because it's not "perfect" (it's easy to get in your head as a content creator anticipating comments people may leave you) but then I decided, f*ck it, it's great information, it's real, and I don't want to waste a good video.


I'm introducing some products that I ADORE (some I've spoken about before and some that I have brought back from the past, and some that are BRAND NEW).  It's another long one, which last year when I posted from my hotel room in NYC was also long, and I was shocked how many of you loved it and watched it all!


I won't talk product here, because you can learn from the video.  I hope you enjoy.  Let me know what you think, if you have questions or want me to expand on any of it, and if you like seeing some of these more "candid" not overly produced videos.  Feedback always helps create content that's what you want to see!  I'll be in NYC the next few days for Fashion Week, so follow along on my Instagram Stories for all the adventures!  XO