Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo


I am GIRL, four letters that can change the world!  I wanted to share Hourglass Cosmetic's new lip collection, the GIRL Lip Stylo, along with their empowering message, #GIRLFORGOOD.  How relevant, especially today, where we are celebrating women, women's rights, their power, and equality.  It's about empowerment, lifting each other up, supporting each other, and rising together. hg16hg

With 20 different lipsticks, with 20 inspiring names, there is sure to be a lipstick for everyone:

Believer, Creator, Explorer, Seeker, Peacemaker, Achiever, Influencer, Dreamer, Idealist, Futurist, Activist, Inventor, Lover, Innovator, Visionary, Icon, Leader, Liberator, Protector, and Warrior.


Girl Lip Stylo has the intensity of a lipstick with strong hydration using shea butter, jojoba, mimosa and sunflower seed.  It will nourish and hydrate dry lips, to give a soft, silky finish.  I am such a huge fan of the feeling and moisture of lip balms, and that's generally what I wear, so I am thrilled to have a product that has intense moisture, but strong color.


It is weightless, feeling as if you have nothing on.  It's always a surprising feeling when you have something so light, but has such strong color pay-off.  What you see in the tube, is exactly what you will see on your lips.


I love the precision tip applicator.  It never needs sharpening, but you will be able to give detail to your lips as needed.  The packaging is also to die for, and in my opinion, Hourglass has some of the most chicest packaging amongst the cosmetics brands today.  I am always happy to have Hourglass on display on my vanity or in my purse.


“There’s no better beauty product than a lipstick to remind us to use our voices, fuel our passions, drive a purpose, make a change.”

SHADE DESCRIPTIONS Peacemaker - peachy nude Idealist - honey nude Futurist - mauve nude Believer - peachy beige Dreamer - peachy pink Creator - soft pink nude Seeker - pinky rose Activist - neutral rose Achiever - deep mauve Influencer - deep rose beige Inventor - soft rose Explorer - soft pink coral Leader - vivid fuchsia Lover - vibrant red orange Innovator - neutral red Icon® - blue red Visionary - brick red Protector - rich berry Liberator - deep berry Warrior - deep plum


I love this campaign, where it's a reminder to be true and kind, but also use our voices, stand as one, and use our passions to make big changes....all while using lipstick as apart of our power weapon.  I'm curious to know what shade you would choose?  I am an INNOVATOR! xx [show_shopthepost_widget id="2582799"]