Lip Liner tricks for FULLNESS, without INJECTIONS


Let's learn how to create an illusion of full, pillowy lips, shall we?!  This is the kind of makeup artist trick that you need to know!

Everyday when I get ready I realize that I am doing a little trick that is making my lips look fuller.  It's simple, yet very effective.  I also think to myself, "Man, I need to share this with all of my friends, it's so simple, and it WORKS!"  So here I am!

You can do this no matter what color you are going to wear on your lips because it's just the foundation of the lips.....think of it like your bra, and you can wear whatever t-shirt or sweater over the top.


In this tutorial I wanted to show you three different versions with different lip foundation products, and different versions of color over the top.


I'll let the video do the rest of the explaining, but I think you will truly enjoy the tip because it can give you the lips that you have always dreamed of.....without having to go see the doctor.  Enjoy! Xx