Long Lasting Lips: RIMMEL


I stumbled upon a lipstick that I love from Rimmel.  It was probably on one of my drugstore shopping binges where I filled my basket up with lots of random products from numerous brands; hoping to find some new treasures and discoveries to share with you all. My usual pattern is to grab one from the brand, test it out, and you better believe if I like it or am impressed by it, I'll go back and buy all the colors that I would possibly wear.  That happened in this case.  That's the beauty of buying from the drugstore.  You either save on buying one lipstick, OR you can get a few for the price you'd spend on one if you were to purchase in a department store.  Plus, the drugstore always has deals (buy one get one free, or 50% off), so it's always a good incentive to buy and try.


I know it can get a bit overwhelming and confusing knowing what to buy from the drugstore, so as I promised, I'll continue to share the gems with you that I think are worth the buy.

Just like this Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick.

It's a very unique formula.  When you put it on, it feels like you are wearing a chapstick/lip balm hybrid.  It goes on creamy, smooth, and weightless.  It also is very opaque, so with one swipe top and bottom, you have full color.  Then, the magic happens.  It actually dries down, and ends up being a long wear lipstick.


When I say dries down, I don't mean dry like some other long-wear products.  It's not sticky, cracky, or dry.  It simply just stains the lips and stays.  I'd say the best way to describe it is that it melts into the lips.

This lipstick comes in 20 shades (so many options....) and retails for $7.49!  This truly leaves the lips feeling moisturized, but has great color and stays.  It's brilliant!

rimmel8 rimmel7 rimmel6

I use this every morning as my lipstick when I'm doing my makeup.  I like to have it as my "lip foundation" for the day, so if I want to touch up later I can use a creamy lip balm, tinted chapstick, or whatever else I have rolling around in my purse.  I call it the foundation, because at the very least I know I will have color on my lips for the day.  Rimmel doesn't claim hours of how long this product will last, but just know that it actually will last through your morning coffee or breakfast, etc without coming off.

A little trick I like to do when applying is to swipe it onto my lips, then use one of my fingers to blur and blend out the edges and really press the product into my lips.  I feel like that also gives it more of the stained lip effect.


I have religiously been wearing the color "Naughty Nude" which you know how much I'm not a nude girl, but this one in particular has a little bit more color, and I feel like goes with everything.  I went back and bought more colors, and these are some of my favorites from the 20 you can choose from.


I would totally recommend you picking up one, or two, or three of these, I think they are something special and something I continually am using!  Xx [show_shopthepost_widget id="2618196"]