How to make your lips FULL with MARKERS


Ok so the fact we cannot deny is that BIG, FULL, JUICY lips are trending right now.  More than ever, and it's kind of a little extra.  Don't get me wrong, I agree that full lips are pretty and feminine, but I also feel like there is just too much emphasis on getting fullness in the wrong way. fulllips9

I'm not preaching anti-enhancements, as long as it's done in a tasteful and natural way.  I'm not too keen on certain looks that are unrealistic, and beyond natural....AKA.... (I'm talking about the Kylie Jenners of the world.....and those that are seeking that kind of look.)  Not my esthetic.  If it's your's, no judgement, BUT I think that is unrealistic or unnatural goals for the majority of the population.  If you are to get your lips enhanced, the best kind of enhancement is one where nobody can tell.  Those to me are the best, and I'm sure there are people in your circle that have that done but you wouldn't even know because it's done in a very tasteful way.  Ok.... I am on a total rant right now, but it's just something that can be a bit frustrating when I see very young girls trying to look so beyond their natural selves, and it sets a standard that is not realistic.  It's hard for me to talk, since I was blessed with a good natural lip, but hoping with this tutorial I can teach you ways to make your lips look fuller with makeup.

As a matter of fact my mother called me on the phone and asked me if I had gotten my lips done, but I actually have just been making them look bigger with my lip products!  Yay, at least it's working, they look bigger:)


I made this video to show you a product that is a must-have in my getting ready routine, and I use daily NO MATTER WHAT.  It's a lip marker.  It stains my lips, and gives me what I like to call a good basecoat or foundation for the rest of my day.  With these markers, I can make my lips look as natural or loud as I want to, depending on the color or how I layer.


Some days I just do the very natural color all by itself, sometimes I add a brighter pop in the middle, sometimes I layer a colored chapstick or lipstick on the all depends on the day.  However, no matter what, I always have one on to start the day.  Even if I'm casually going to the gym or coffee, I put a very light coat on to bring a little color and fullness to my lips.


The key is to put on and blend immediately with your fingers to diffuse any lines, and that helps to make your natural lips look fuller with a bleeded, diffused line.  It's great! If you are just trying to make your natural lips look bigger, try using colors that look almost tan/nude brown.  Think light brown.  It's so ugly as an all over lip color, but if you are just drawing out of your natural lines, it will look the most natural.  I will still pop a brighter color in the middle, but I've found this gives the best illusion instead of using a red stain and using a red lip liner.  Make sense?


Anyways, I think lip stains are genius, especially in the marker form, and everyone should use them.  They are very inexpensive, and such a great way to have a natural tint to the lips.  Especially if you are going to do a lot of smooching and want to keep a little color on the lips.....hehe!


I usually buy my markers at the drugstore, my very favorite from Covergirl may not exist in stores anymore, so I try to buy it online (wait I just found them HERE YAY!), but I now ELF and NYC both makes stains as well.....

Hope you enjoy the video and the tip! X

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