It's the most wonderful time of the buy yourself some makeup.  I say it every holiday season, but if you are looking to replenish, try something new, or merely treat yo' self, the holidays are the time to do it.  Brands really pull out the red carpet, and create amazing gift sets and palettes for the holidays.

Sometimes I think I turn into a real life emoji.  When I opened a recent package from Bobbi Brown, I think my face turned into the heart eyes, followed by the star eyes!  BEHOLD, all things beautiful from Bobbi Brown, right in front of me.


WOW is all I can say.  A makeup case, multiple GORGEOUS, wearable palettes, a travel brush set, and a mini lipstick set were a few of the things in this heavenly box.


I made this video as a two part- part one to show you some of the great sets available for this holiday season (and PS you have until the 19th to order your goodies to get delivered by Christmas), and then of course, I needed to play with some of the makeup myself!


I filmed a NAVY Smokey-kind of cat-Egyptian-sparkle eye, using one of Bobbi's beautiful holiday palettes.  As I do: I just improvised as I was filming.  I like that, it shows my process of how I really do it, and shows how I choose what I choose and why as I go.  I'm trying to embrace more eyeshadow, I prefer myself with part one of this eye (you'll see what I mean), but a full on smokey eye ALWAYS makes me feel weird.


Quite funny if you could step into my world....I film these makeup looks to immediately go to the bathroom and wash them off.  Especially if I film in the day....there's no way I'm walking to the grocery store with a full smoked out makeup look at noon!  If I were going out and filming it at night I would push myself to leave it on.


I do always love how a dramatic eye photographs, however, and love how these photos turned out.  The makeup actually made me feel stronger and sexier, so that's pretty cool.


I hope you enjoy this little video!  I've been a long time fan of Bobbi and all of the line's products, so it's been fun to revisit since I haven't made a video with Bobbi in a while.  The quality and performance of this makeup and brand is definitely there!  (Bobbi's one of the OG's....!)  I hope you are having a lovely holiday season, and good luck as you are prepping for your version of the holidays!  XO Use this code to wrap your videos: