The New Pinky-Nude Lip Trend for Spring


Byrdie Beauty asked me recently what my spin was on the nude lip trend for spring.  If you know me, you know that nude is not a color I natural gravitate towards on myself personally. nude5

I LOVE it on other women, and tend to go that direction for a lot of clients, but for me whenever I put it on I find myself not feeling like I am myself, and quickly reach for my pinks, corals, or reds.  I guess I like just a bit more 'pop' on my lips.


HOWEVER, I think I found the solution to the nude debacle, and have the perfect option for spring.


Head over to THIS LINK to see my full step by step on the Pinky-Nude lip for spring, as well as what the east coast girls are doing vs the west coast girls.


You will see a little baby cat eye, a killer blush, and of course, the nude I chose that is the perfect texture.  Say goodbye to MATTE and chalky lips, and hello to fresh, moisturized, and smooth nudes! Xx