Nikki shops Walmart Beauty: ONLINE BEAUTY HAUL for my artistry kit (and a few goodies for myself...)

Nikki x Walmart
Nikki x Walmart
Nikki Beauty haul
Nikki Walmart haul

These days I feel like I have no time to actually make it into any stores to shop. Between owning my own company, freelancing, and traveling, I don't have the luxury of pushing a cart and wandering aimlessly between store aisles. I heavily rely on online shopping now, and I am so glad there are so many great options available. I just did a great beauty haul on, their beauty selection is top-notch. They carry many of the brands that I use in my artistry kit, and I was surprised at how vast the selection was. I thought it would be fun to film what I purchased, and explain how I use it in my day to day job and life. Some things might surprise you! Hope you enjoy this little haul video. Let me know what you think, if you like seeing these types of videos I can easily share more. X

Nikki Walmart