NYFW Backstage Beauty with Kevyn Aucoin


I just had the best weekend at New York Fashion Week.  Every season I say I’m not going to go,  but then find myself there, right in the middle of all of the hustle and bustle. My experience is probably different compared to other bloggers or influencers you may follow, because I am typically hiding behind the scenes, as opposed to getting photographed walking into the shows and sitting front row.  I honestly prefer it this way, because I like to be behind the scenes, watching how it’s all created and put together to put on a beautiful show.


I arrive at shows about 2 hours before they begin, so I can see what makeup, hair, and nail looks are being done to give the designers the perfect looks for their collection that they are so excited to share.  As an artist, it’s so exciting to see everything come to life and to help carry out the vision of the designer to give a full look from head to toe.

I went backstage to a few shows just to watch and report, and also joined Kevyn Aucoin’s pro artist team to work with Lela Rose and her latest collection.  It’s always organized chaos, and so exciting to be apart of.


Viviana Martin is the incredible key artist that led and created the look for the Kevyn Aucoin team, and she is such a pleasure to work with.  I have watched her for years, coming to fashion shows and interviewing her while she worked, so it was fun to actually this time be apart of the team.

The look she created was so simple yet cool and interesting, and it inspired me to experiment with some different techniques which I wanted to share with you all as well!

The look started with prepping the skin with Malin and Goetz face moisturizer mixed with one drop of the face oil.  I was so excited to see we were going to be using M+G because I am such a huge fan of their line, and also use it personally and have it in my kit to use on shoots.  It is such a hydrating, yet clean moisurizer that is the perfect base layer to add foundation on top of.  We also used their hydrating eye cream which actually I just got last week in the mail, and I am a mega fan of.  (BTW I have not been great about using eye creams personally, so this is something that I have been now adding to my routine.)  The eye cream has a nice balmy feel to it, and absorbs really well into the skin.  I like to give myself a little under eye massage while using it to help with circulation and puffiness.


Once the skin was prepped we used The Etherealist Foundation, which if you follow me on Instagram you can see I use that a lot on set as well.  You know it’s a great foundation when models ask what foundation I used while shooting and want to take a picture of it so they can add it to their personal beauty kit.  Think about it: models are exposed to a lot of products, so if they like it, it must be GOOD!  We also used the Skin Enhancer to conceal any spots that needed a little bit more attention, and for under the eyes.  (The key to this product is to use literally the tiniest bit you can imagine, because a little bit goes a long way!)


We then used the candlelight both in liquid and powder form to highlight the cheekbones (first using the liquid, then the powder on top.)  Then we dusted a nice soft pink on to the apples of the cheeks to give a really subtle flush.


KA is coming out with some new products that we used, and I’m excited to give you an insiders peek into what they are.  I feel like Kevyn always comes out with very useful palettes and books, and you will be really excited for this one!  We just used a nice cream colored shadow on the lid of the eyes for the top, and the lower lash line is where all the magic happened.


We have to wait until fall, but Kevyn Aucoin is coming out with eye glosses that I am DYING over.  As an artist especially sometimes I want that really fresh glossy eye, but feel like I haven’t found the right product for it…..UNTIL NOW!  We used a black gloss underneath the lashes, and kind of swept it in, starting thicker on the outside and thinner towards the corner of the eye.  Then we used a black eyeshadow and just dotted it into the lower lash line to give it a little bit more pigment.  I love this because it truly gives that “lived in”, slightly messy look.

That was the hero part of the look, so we then swept two coats of mascara top and bottom, and filled in eyebrows as needed to give a nice full, natural texture.  Texture is still happening with brows, and with Kevyn’s brow pencil, you can really create the look of tiny little hairs.


The other Galaxy balm that looked clear with a bit of iridescent sparkle was used as a finishing touch highlight to the cheekbone and onto the lips as a GLOSS.  Yes you heard me…..GLOSS.  It’s coming back!

backstage3backstage2backstage5 backstage4backstage12

I love being able to do this part of my job, because I leave feeling so inspired and also excited to be able to share with you guys straight from the source what is trending in beauty.  What do you guys think about the look?  I know for me, this is going to be something I am going to try for a night look because it’s still beautiful, but has a little bit of interest and edge to it.  Hope you enjoyed following along, and until next Fashion Week……Xx