Mother has spoken, and she has created a line of makeup that is decadent, glamorous, delicious, mysterious, and futuristic.  PAT McGRATH, one of the beauty industries' most iconic makeup artists of our time, has created something like nothing else.

Straight from the Lab – where unadulterated experimentation meets raw glamour. A rule-breaking playground for the world’s most influential and sought-after makeup artist, Pat McGrath, to introduce divinely disruptive discoveries. Cult products that define future trends; instant addictions for the bold and obsessed. PAT McGRATH LABS Unlimited Edition combined with spontaneous releases in limited quantities that sell out in a flash. The only rule? Use Without Caution.


I never get star struck living in LA, probably one of the reasons why I am able to do my job working with celebrities.  I couldn't hang if every celebrity I met or worked with gave me wobbly knees.  HOWEVER, you know who did make me completely star struck: PAT McGRATH.  One lovely Sunday afternoon I was enjoying the patio at Soho House Malibu with my two best friends, and I looked over to to see the one and only, Pat McGrath.  I immediately got nervous.  I discussed with my two best friends what to I leave her alone, do I say hello, do I play it cool, do I send her over something......?!  For me, she is what can shake me....someone that I truly look up to in my industry with the history, skill, craft, passion, and career that she has created.  A true mentor of mine.


It was now or never, so I took the chance and walked to her table (at an appropriate moment) and introduced myself.  Never have I felt so much warmth from a stranger.  We had an immediate lovely chat, and she exuded so much kindness and care, which I will never forget.  So much respect for people that have had such success and power in their field of work but have been able to keep their feet on the ground and their hearts in the sky.


Ironically a week prior I had just bought a few of Pat's kits online because I was so excited to see what she had come out with, and I was very impressed, just as I would have expected.

Her product's textures are special and in a category all by themselves.  The eyeshadows feel dry and smooth but glide and blend easily, the dark shadow stick helped me created the easiest smudgy cat eye, and the Skin Fetish highlight gave me the most beautiful glow.


I wanted to film this quick video to see how I got the final look, and to start to introduce her line to you.  You need to make sure you follow her on Instagram, because she is always previewing her new products, or telling you when they are going to go live.  You do have to act fast because they sell out, and some of the things that I used for this video are sold out.  It doesn't mean you won't ever get them, but you just have to look out for them.  I also linked a few that you can get that are very similar from her line.  She is sold from her own website, or on Sephora online and in-stores.


If you haven't tried anything yet, I highly recommend you do if you are a makeup lover, because she has found a way to create bold products that are still simply beautiful and sexy.  Well done Pat, cannot wait to continue to watch and learn from you, and see what you create next.  Xx