The PERFECT nude varnishes for all skin tones...


Do you know how hard it is to find the perfect nude nail polish?  There are SO many nude polishes out on the market, so the task seems simple, right? I am here to tell you that finding the perfect nude polish is one of the HARDEST things to find, but guess what?  I'VE FOUND THEM!


When trying on nudes there is a lot to consider.

The tone.

The opacity.

The finish.

The wearability.

TONE: I've found that for most, there are two tones of nude.  One is a little warmer, and one is a little cooler.  For me personally, I look better in a cooler nude.  Whenever I wear a warmer nude, it seems to blend into my skin a little too well.  I think that is the first step in finding your perfect nude: figuring out if you are a cool tone or warm tone.  Once you know that, that eliminates at least 50% of the options.  You'll know just by trying on your hands, and seeing which one feels right.  Don't over think this, you will know once you visually see it.


OPACITY:  You could think you've found the perfect tone, but then you need to check the opacity.  I think if you are going to wear a nude, it needs to be opaque, and not transparent.  You really want the nude to be strong, without being able to see any part of your natural nail.  This is difficult, because even if the tone looks right in the bottle, if it's not going to cover and you are going to have to layer about 5 coats to get it to the opacity desired, it's not the right one.  This is very important, especially because the more layers you apply, the longer it will take to dry, and the higher chances that you can mess up your polish.

FINISH:  This is simple.  It needs to have a nice shine to it.  In general, I'd always go for a shiny nail as opposed to a matte or dull finish.  It makes the hands look prettier and fresh, and who doesn't want that.  A glossy finish also guarantees you won't be getting the nudes marked up.  (Think about how dirt doesn't stick well to slick, but it sticks to matte....)  You know what I mean?!


WEARABILITY:  Again, a little bit of a challenge because you never really know how a polish wears until you wear it.  Nothing worse than being thrilled about your manicure and checking off all the guidelines I've given you, to go home and four hours later look at your nails to discover a chip.  SO DEPRESSING!  It's hard to know what brands are the best for long wear, so a lot of this research will be by asking friends, asking your manicurist, or a little google search online.  OR you just ask me.

THE GOOD NEWS:  I've done all the leg work for you, because I believe I have found the two perfect nudes that will work for everybody.  TOM FORD, you really nailed it!

I've got the perfect warm nude, and the perfect cool nude.


What you need to know, is that generally I have been putting gel polish on my fingernails because of my busy schedule and the fact that I always need my hands looking in mint condition.  I originally had bought these polishes for my toes, but had a busy week where I couldn't get into the nail salon so did a quick polish job at home.

THE RESULTS WERE SHOCKING!!!!  I kid you not, I applied the polish without a base coat or top coat, and I had NO CHIPS for over a week of wear.  In the regular (non gel) varnish world, that is almost unheard of.  I thought I was just going to get a few days, so when I realized that even after one week my polish was still perfectly in place, I knew I found "the ones"! ( I am wearing Sugar Dune).


These also are quite opaque, so you only need two coats.  Between the two colors, I think you can find yourself the perfect tone.  Now I realize that Tom Ford isn't going to be the cheapest polish option at $36 a bottle, BUT think of it as going to the nail salon once for a gel manicure.  If you are one that doesn't want to make it to the salon every week, you can get it at home.  OR, treat yo self!  This little piece of luxury will be your go-to always, because a nude never goes out of style.

Chic, effortless, and classy.  ALWAYS.  I hope my search can bring you great joy, because I have been very excited, and VERY excited to share the good news with you all!  ENJOY! X

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