You had me at luxury + lipstick.  Lipstick may arguably be one of women's favorite cosmetics.  It's an instant mood changer, an instant pick-me-up.  When in doubt, put on some lipstick.  I had a beautiful package sent to me from RODIN, and I was delighted when I opened it to find a variety of beautiful lipstick shades.  First of all, without even trying the lipstick, just the presentation that Linda Rodin has put together with her brand and packaging is both chic and modern, and it looks like the perfect accessory you want hanging out on your vanity or in your handbag.  The clear lucite tube is everything, combined with the simplistic white packaging, so the bright colors of the lipstick really stand out.  (I just love when so much thought and creativity is put into any brand beyond a fantastic formula....)

Then.....there's LINDA!  Can I be Linda?!  She is so fantastic, I don't even know where to begin.  I immediately became obsessed, and watched about every video I could find on her site or Youtube about her.  Do me a favor and watch this.....

Need I say more? Anyways, Linda has already inspired and co-created some fantastic skincare and face oils (which she is widely known for) and also has these outstanding lipsticks.  When people think of Linda, they think of a pop of color on the lips...

So what's special about these lipsticks? They are creamy, pigmented, glide on with no fuss, and leave your lips feeling moisturized and supple.  The formula is enriched with RODIN olio lusso’s signature jasmine and neroli oils. The Vitamin C and E help nourish and soften lips.

I also love the finish.  Not matte (which in my opinion makes the lips look a bit unlively), but not too glossy either.  They look rich, moisturized, and powerful.  In ten beautiful shades, I think there is a color for everybody!  I wanted to play, so I applied a few shades myself that I wanted to show you, so you could see how they look on.

I paired my look with fresh skin, a little bit of glow, and a near naked eye using Jillian Dempsey's lid tint eyeshadow.  It makes the eye slightly glossy, it has a subtle tint, but keeps things pretty natural.  I like it for a no makeup-makeup eye.  It's super chic, and effortlessly cool.

Enjoy this little gallery of my lipstick journey with RODIN's fantastic shades.  Shade descriptions and names included...


SO MOD A nude yet rosy pink that’s a throwback to the swinging 60s—think fashion icons Twiggy and Bridget Bardot and you’ll know just what we mean.


BERRY BACI Kiss, kiss! This sweet yet sultry shade is big on berry, yet softly muted so it flatters practically any skin tone.


WINKS A shockingly hot pink named after Winky, our founder Linda Rodin’s adorable silver grey poodle. Optically exciting, Winks is a showstopper. Alive and striking.


ARANCIA ADORE Pucker up! This fresh-squeezed orange-pink is a perfect blend of sweet and tart.


TOUGH TOMATO A fabulous bright orange red makes most skin tones come to life. This über-vibrant shade shouts a certain ‘can’t stop me’ confidence.


LOVING LUCY Arguably the world’s most memorable redhead so why not name this fiery red after the queen of comedy herself? Our homage to Lucille Ball is a deep, jewel-toned garnet.

"Just have fun.  Smile.  And keep putting on lipstick." -Diane Keaton