SCARF Styling!


Messy hair, don't care!  Dirty hair, don't care!  Boring hair, don't care!  Lazy hair, don't care! All the reasons I want to show you this quick picture tutorial on how to style your hair using a bandana or a scarf, with no hair ties even needed.  It's effortless, it's cool, and it's super easy.  PLUS it adds a little life to your outfit and is the perfect accessory.

I made this up by accident when I was trying to get my hair off of my shoulders on a hot afternoon, and now I do it all of the time!  Give it a try, I think you will love the result.  Happy weekend! xx

BUT FIRST, CHERRIES, my favorite summer snack!


OK, now onto the hair!

scarf2 scarf3 scarf4 scarf5 scarf6 scarf7 scarf8 scarf9 scarf10 scarf11 scarf12 scarf13

TA-DA!  Enjoy!  I got this scarf from Madewell, but you kind find them everywhere! XO