I think my mom was hoping that I would grow out of my glitter phase immediately after I finished high school, but 15 years later, it's still there......and perhaps stronger than ever.  Wait!  Hold on a second before I talk more about makeup.....did I just type 15 years later?  That is really how long I've been out of high school?  Well that is quite terrifying.  I did just have my 33rd birthday last week, and I as much as I feel fantastic, it's still weird when you put things in perspective like that.  15 YEARS AGO! stilaglitter8

Anyways, back to the glitter.  Maybe I've shared this before, but when I was in high school, I was a real glitter fiend.  It was like I was a bug attracted to light.  The second I would catch the sight of glitter, it would immediately draw me in.  I was mesmerized, and completely infatuated.  I also was a cheerleader, so my school spirit was shown through putting glitter on everything possible in my school colors, which were purple and gold.  Glitter sprayed in the hair, glitter eyeliner, glitter body lotion, glitter chapstick, glitter paint on t-shirts.....ok yes this was all real.  I also had a periwinkle floor length prom dress that was completely glitter as well.  My mom was always so frustrated because you know how hard it is to get rid of glitter.  It never really goes away.  There was basically a constant glitter trail that followed me around the house.


I cannot explain why I like it so much, or why we as humans are attracted to it.  Shine and glow always seem to get me.

Fast forward to now, and I find myself wearing glitter eyeshadow almost on the daily.  It has kind of become my signature look, (or perhaps this is just my phase and it will change), but in the meanwhile it's definitely on repeat.  I am not lying when I say I get multiple compliments on my sparkle and glitter every single day.  People love it.  So why are women so afraid of it?  We all are attracted and infatuated by glitter, so don't you think it's a good idea to have people infatuated by your eyes?  (Just saying.....).

stilaglitter11 stilaglitter10

I was religiously wearing a palette from Milani Cosmetics called Foil Eyez which I've shared with you in the past, until STILA totally lit my fire and came out with these MAGNIFICENT METALS GLITTER AND GLOW LIQUID EYESHADOWS.  Like woah.


Suddenly, my one eyeshadow that I wore daily, turned into ten color options!

  • Rose Gold Retro (Rose gold with silver sparkle)
  • Kitten Karma (Champagne with silver and copper sparkle)
  • Smoldering Satin (Deep tan with silver sparkle)
  • Diamond Dust (Sheer silver with multi-color sparkle)
  • Gold Goddess (Sheer antique gold with silver sparkle)
  • Smoky Storm (Light Pewter with silver sparkle)
  • Molten Midnight (Black with silvery gold sparkle)
  • Bronzed Bell (Bronze with silver and copper sparkle)
  • Violet Vixen (Violet with violet and blue sparkle) -
  • Ballet Baby (Sheer baby pink with silver sparkle) -


So here's the deal.  They have made these so easy to use, and totally fool proof.  Yes they are a liquid.  They go on feeling very wet.  It's a strange feeling at first.  The good news is, you can spread it onto your eyelid quite easily, and it gives you a minute to move the eyeshadow around until you get it blended to your liking.  Then it dries, and it sets.  That's it!  Because these are liquid, the glitter will go only where you place it, and you won't deal with any crazy fall-out.

I like to apply the eyeshadow directly to my lid with the applicator out of the tube, starting at my lash line.  I go up my eyelid to the crease, and then use either a dry eyeshadow brush to blend out into my crease, or I use my fingers.  I also will apply it to my lower lash line using the same technique and blend with a brush, my pinky finger, or a q-tip.


You can play with using different colors or tones of the glitter on your eye, I usually like to use the lightest ones in the corner of my eyes for a little highlight and pop.

You can use the tiniest amount of product if you want to be really subtle, or you can layer and layer and create a really glowy, sparkly look.  Of course, it's always fun to amp it up at night, and it's so beautiful in low lighting when the glitter catches the me, you will have the crowd mesmerized by you.

When it comes to removing or clean up, I've found that it comes off quite easy with cleanser.  No problems there.


I am totally in love with these shadows and so excited at how easy they are to use, and how many color options there are.  I absolutely want to challenge you to try a little glitter, and see what happens!  I think you will be pleasantly surprised, and remember, you control how much.  If you are new to it, start small, and see how you feel!  You can always add or subtract depending on how you feel.  Go get it, GLITTER and GLOW! Xx [show_shopthepost_widget id="2641735"]