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I think the thing I love the most about my eyeshadow palettes are how easy and quick they are to use. That (selfishly for myself) is why I created them and what a big part of the inspiration was for me. Working so closely with so many amazing women, but also hearing all the feedback I get from social media constantly influences and inspires me as I continue to make products for RÓEN.

This is just a quick video showing how I use the 75º Palette on any given day…. which is usually a swipe on my eyelids with my fingers, and then a blend with my Everything Eye Brush. Did you know that I specifically made this brush for the palettes? It was actually a really cool process to work with a brush maker to design the perfect shape, density, hair type and length, and making it double-ended so it’s easy to multi-use.

I then finished off with some of my favorites from Bare Minerals…which are amazing because the products are clean and don’t clog my pores.

I’ll let the video do the talking……and I hope you enjoy! If you haven’t checked out what is going on with my baby RÓEN BEAUTY, make sure you do…..big things are coming, including it being even more accessible for people!! Xx

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