Sunday Riley SATURN MASK


It's no secret that I have been a HUGE fan of Sunday Riley the past few years.  It is the tried and true line, where all of the products deliver.  It's rare to find a line that actually performs to it's claims, so I'm always eager to try anything new that comes out. Saturn4saturn13

In the past you've heard me gush about some of my favorites, including: Good Genes, Luna Oil, Juno Oil, and UFO Oil.  They are all so SO amazing!


Regarding skin, I don't know who was the person that made us all believe that the older we got, our skin would get better and clear up, because for me personally I found it to be the opposite.  When I was younger, I was able to get away with having clear skin and not washing off my makeup before bed, going to the gym with makeup on, not wearing foundation, and only getting a zit here and there.  Now, I feel like I'm constantly battling both breakouts (that move to different areas of my face) and discoloration/sunspots.  WHY SKIN, WHY!??!  I feel like skin is the constant million dollar question, and just when you think you have it figured out, things change again.  Luckily, with Sunday Riley she has come up with a variety of products that combat whatever skin issue you are experiencing in the moment.


I first started using the UFO Oil a few months ago, which is a treatment oil for acne and troubled skin, and my skin really responded well to it.  I was thrilled to see improvements, and was even more excited when I heard that they were coming out with another product to treat acneic skin, which is called the Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask.

The Saturn Mask is made for all skin types and is a fast-acting, medicated 10% sulfur treatment mask that helps fight multiple forms of acne while preventing future breakouts.  It treats all forms of acne including blocked, congested pores, inflammatory acne, hormonal acne, and acne rosacea.  Here are the ingredients:

-Sulfur 10%: Dries and clears up acne, while preventing new blemishes and blackheads from forming; fights multiple forms of acne including hormonal breakouts, acne rosacea, and inflammatory acne. -Niacinamide 4%: Reduces the appearance of acne and rosacea-related surface redness and improves congested skin. -Zinc PCA 1%: Helps absorb excess oil for clearer, more matte skin. -Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate: Reduces the appearance of acne-related surface redness.


This mask is not drying at all!  I noticed results after one use (not kidding), and cannot get enough of it.  It is honestly the first product I've used in a while where every time I use it I see major skin improvements!  I am so glad to have this product as apart of my skin care arsenal, especially because it can be used in multiple ways.

You can use it all over the face, leaving it on for 20-30 minutes, or as an overnight mask (like me).  You can also use it as a spot treatment on upcoming blemishes or active blemishes that you are trying to diminish.  I swear to you it makes my inflamed blemishes go away within 1-2 days.  I also have had problems with bumps underneath the surface of my skin that wouldn't seem to go away, but even after one use of this mask they started to go away!  MIRACLE!


I have consistently been seeing my esthetician the past year, and she couldn't believe her eyes this last appointment because it was the first time she saw major changes in my skin.  She needed to know exactly what I was using!

I could go on and on all day about how much I love Sunday Riley and how great this mask is, especially because if you have experienced problematic skin you know how frustrating it can be trying multiple products and not seeing results.  It becomes an obsession.  How great that I can confidently recommend something that has worked SO well for me, and I am excited for you to try to get the relief from troubled skin as well.

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Even as my skin improves, I will continue to use this mask 1-2 times a week as a preventive for future breakouts, and would highly recommend using this, and all of the other fantastic products from Sunday Riley! Xx [show_shopthepost_widget id="2782716"]