How Vaseline has saved my skin


Let me tell you about my latest and greatest skin discovery: VASELINE.  I know, I thought the same thing. vaseline

Monthly I make it a priority to go to my skin guru Lynne Shirvandehi of Goddess Lynne BODY and Skin.  I know most people go to facials to have an hour of chill and relax, but I try to take advantage of every moment I have with Lynne.  When I call Lynne a skin guru, I mean it.  This woman eats, breathes, and sleeps skin.  To this day, after being in the industry for years, she still takes 45 mins a day to study about skincare in one way or another.  Whether it's a YouTube video, Facebook forum, or studying new products, brands, or procedures....she's constantly educating herself.  I can go to her and ask anything, and she will have an answer for me.  How lucky!  BTW if you are a local here in LA, set up an appointment with her.  You won't be sorry one bit.

So during one of my appointments, we were discussing my ever changing skin.  I have talked about in the past how my breakouts will move: meaning I used to get a lot around my jawline, and now most happen on my cheeks.  It's the forever frustration of trying to figure out the how or why behind my skin.  We are getting closer, but it is definitely a trial and error.


On this particular appointment, I had a pretty bad breakout on my cheek (one that even had me into the dermatologist to get a cortisone shot injected into the huge mountain on my face), so I knew we had to do a lot of extractions.  I only let Lynne do extractions and try to avoid doing them myself, because I always make a mess out of my face.  I always end up tearing the skin and making the spot two to three times the size of what it actually was.  You'd think after all of these years I'd learn, but I will say I am getting a little better at not touching it.  So anyways, I was telling Lynne how grateful I was to have her get all of the gunk out of my face, but how sad I was because I knew that I'd be facing weeks if not months of redness after the actual blemish had gone away.  My skin holds onto redness for SO LONG!

She said, "Use Vaseline."  I was like......HUH?!  You mean that big tub of greasy PETROLEUM JELLY?  That scary, gooey, slippery, thick cream?  Immediately my brain went to thinking that for sure that was only going to make the freshly extracted spots come back with twice as many monsters, not to make it better.  She reassured me that Vaseline is not on her "pore clogging list".  (Yes she literally sent me an ingredient list of products that I should look out for that will clog my pores....)  So I took a deep breath and said, "Ok Lynne I trust you, and you know what you are talking about, so I will follow orders."

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I got home that night and searched through my beauty closet and to my happiness found two small Vaseline tins (one that even had my name on it LOL) and put them on my bathroom vanity.  I opened it up, scooped the gooey cream, and started layering it on all of the spots that literally were extracted hours before.  I was nervous, but went to bed that night thinking..... "Here goes nothing....!"  I woke up the next morning as if it were Christmas morning to run into the bathroom and see what the Vaseline had done to my face.  Wait, what?!  My skin looks WAY better than the day previous, and looked more like what would have normally been a week after a facial.  It was speeding up the process of my blemish recovery!  PRAISE the skincare gods!  I immediately had to text Lynne to report the progress, and thank her for always knowing what to do.


I continued using the Vaseline until all the spots were gone, and I promise you it sped up the recovery by 75%.  Now it is part of my skincare staple, and I use it two to three times a day.

I am not a skincare expert like Lynne is, but make sure you are cautious about what ointments you use on your face because not all ingredients are treated equal.  I know Aquaphor would work as well, but beyond that I have no idea.  Check the list to be sure.  Here is info about Vaseline taken straight from their site: